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Peerless-Midwest, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality client-driven services. Industry leadership and the highest level of competence shall be maintained in all areas of our business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism. We utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure full service capabilities for our clients and prompt attention to their needs.


Since 1973, Peerless-Midwest, Inc. has provided high quality water supply contracting and hydrogeological services. Over the years, we have grown and diversified in order to provide our clients with a comprehensive, full service offering to meet their needs including well drilling, irrigation systems, waste water treatment, and fire protection.

Water Treatment

Peerless has been conducting Water Treatment inspections, system diagnosis, repair and rehabilitation, or design for all new installations for over 40 years. If you are challenged with water quality, filters, aerators or chemical feed applications our professional technicians have the experience for all of your needs.

Treatment Services
Irrigation Systems

Peerless Midwest has an entire team dedicated to irrigation systems. Hydrogeologists ensure accurate and efficient exploration for ground water and aquifers. Our well drilling successfully completes hundreds of water pumping wells for golf courses and Agriculture crops, as well as for live stock production. Technicians install proper pumps and add SCADA controls to run your systems.

Irrigation Systems
Industrial Services

With over 2,000 wells drilled, and pumps under contract, Peerless Midwest has the most comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Program available. When combined with our Emergency Response, Portable Pressure System, Portable Fire Pump systems we provide a strong foundation to ensure your system reliability and efficiency.

Industrial Services
Fire Protection

State law requires all existing Fire pumps to be tested annually. Your insurance carrier requires your fire pump and fire protection system to be in good condition with records to prove it. We specialize in complete inspections, testing, repair, and annual maintenance with complete documentation of services.

Fire Protection