Fire Protection

At Peerless Midwest, our Fire Protection Division is designed to provide comprehensive, single-source fire protection services for sprinkler contractors, municipalities and commercial/industrial organizations throughout the U.S., Canada the Caribbean, and Central and South America. . Our services include the design/installation of new fire systems, annual system performance testing, maintenance, and repair, and the supply and installation of replacement pumps and equipment.

Designers and Engineers of Fire Protection Systems

We have designed and installed literally hundreds of fire protection systems across the Midwest. On a typical project, we partner with a facility owner’s preferred sprinkler contractor who provides us with the necessary pipe flow and pressure data required to meet the planned sprinkler system’s unique and calculated demand.
With data in-hand, our engineers evaluate the existing water source, usually a municipal water supply. If our analysis confirms that the existing municipal supply cannot provide sufficient pressure to run the planned system, we either incorporate a fire pump into the system or bring in our Hydrogeological Services team to help develop a secondary, code-conforming source that provides sufficient capacity. When favorable hydrogeologic conditions exist, experience tells us that drilling a new fire well is generally the next most cost-effective option. If the groundwater supply is not sufficient to support a new well, we would then evaluate the development of an open pond or reservoir system.
Once the water supply source is confirmed, our team begins the work of preparing a custom fire pump package for the project. The Peerless Fire Pump Package is an engineered equipment solution designed specifically to work with the selected water supply to meet customer flow and pressure requirements. Our packages document the research and calculations that go into our recommendations for the system’s pumps, diesel engines or electric motors, controllers, and related equipment.
System installation and testing complete the engineering process for new fire protection systems at Peerless. All new installations are tested to confirm compliance with NFPA 20, the Standard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection. This National Fire Protection Association standard was written to “protect life and property by providing requirements for the installation of fire pumps to ensure that systems will work as intended to deliver adequate and reliable water supplies in a fire emergency.”

Drill Rig Up

Drilling for a Well-Based System

Open Pond System

                     Open Pond System

When a fire well is not a viable option, we have the expertise to design and build Open Pond systems to provide the necessary code-conforming water supply source.

Underground Resevior System

Reservoir System

When other systems are not viable, we have the capabilities to design and build code-conforming Reservoir systems utilizing space-saving prefabricated tanks or concrete reservoirs.

Annual Performance Testing

State laws nationwide require the annual testing of fire protection systems. At Peerless Midwest, we specialize in the annual inspection, testing and maintenance of fire protection systems and their components.

Our testing follows NFPA 25, the recognized Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems. This National Fire Protection Association standard is incorporated by reference in many US states, and offers comprehensive requirements for helping to ensure suppression systems are ready to respond in the event of an emergency.

Upon completion of your facility’s testing, we’ll provide you with copies of our report for your files and for submission to your insurance company. Hundreds of Peerless fire protection customers will attest that our attention to detail and strict adherence to NFPA 25 typically results in question-free compliance with insurance policy coverage requirements.

Annual Performance Testing
Annual Performance Testing- University of Notre Dame

Equipment Service and Repair

Fire Pump Service

Fire pump performance is critical to the overall performance of a fire protection system. As a high-speed, close tolerance component, they are by nature eventually subject to wear, at which point efficiency declines and the potential for breakdown increases. That makes it vitally important to employ a capable and experienced fire protection contractor to maintain and repair your pumps.
At Peerless Midwest, we’ve been repairing pumps since our founding in 1973. Our field crews are experienced at identifying when a pump may be in need of service or repair, and are backed by a 24 hour, 20,000 square foot repair facility/machine shop staffed with highly skilled machinists for a fast turnaround on pump repairs. Trust Peerless’ expertise to keep your pumps running strong and problem free!

pump repair

Fire Pump Service and Repair

Diesel Engine Service

Fire protection systems are frequently driven by diesel engines. Though known for their reliability, like any engine they benefit from regular maintenance and, when necessary, the occasional professional repair. At Peerless Midwest, both our field crews and the technicians in our repair facility are highly experienced in the service and repair of all types of UL/FM diesel engines and the components they’re paired with. Trust Peerless to keep your diesel driven systems running and your facility protected!

diesel repair

Diesel Engine Service and Repair

Electric Motor Service

If your fire protection system isn’t diesel driven, it’s powered by an electric motor. How your system is powered never presents a problem when you contract with Peerless Midwest. Our field crews and the technicians in our repair facility are just as qualified in the regular maintenance and repair of electric motor driven systems and related components as they are with diesel systems. Trust Peerless to maximize the life of your electric motor and keep your fire protection system running!

electric motor repair

Electric Motor Service and Repair

Controller Service

It’s been said that a fire protection system is only as reliable as the controller that runs it- and if it’s not running, your facility is not protected. At Peerless Midwest, our field crews and the technicians in our repair facility are highly trained and factory qualified to service and repair all makes of panels, starters, and automatic fire pump controllers. Trust Peerless’ expertise and our 24-hour emergency service and repair staff to keep your system running and to be there when you need us!

fire protection controller service

Controller Service and Repair

Temporary Fire Pump Trailer

When your fire protection system goes down, your facility is at risk. At Peerless, we have fire pump trailers available for emergency rental and immediate delivery, keeping your facility safe and in compliance until we can complete the necessary repairs or replacement.

temporary fire pump trailer

Temporary Fire Pump Trailer

Pump/Equipment Parts and Installation

When fire protection systems are in need of parts, turnaround time can be critical. We are the nation’s largest certified distributor of Peerless Pump brand fire pumps, and maintain one of the Midwest’s largest inventories of fire protection parts and equipment. Call us when you need fire protection parts or installation, and you need it fast!

Line Shaft Vertical Turbine
Line Shaft Vertical Turbine Pumps
Diesel Engine
Diesel Engines
horizontal split case pump
Horizontal Split Case Pumps
Fire Protection Controller

Fire Protection Controller

vertical in line pump
Vertical In-Line Pumps
Electric Motor

Electric Motor

Trailer Mounted Pump
Temporary Trailer Mounted Pumps
Prefabricated Pump House
Prefabricated Pump Houses

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