Fire Water Supply Systems

Fire Well Systems

Fire well system

Peerless-Midwest Inc. is a full-service, water supply contractor. We have established ourselves as experts in water well drilling for Indiana and Michigan. Our staff of Hydrogeologists can design wells to provide the needed water for fire suppression at a very low project cost.

If you use a Fire Well as the source of your fire water, annual inspections on the well are required to insure that it continues to be a reliable water supply. Peerless-Midwest is a water supply contractor who is in the business of drilling and maintaining wells. Having a contractor who can professionally inspect the condition of both your vertical turbine pump and your well is the only way to insure your complete system is meeting code.

When favorable hydrogeologic conditions exist, the fire well provides the most cost-effective approach. Our staff of Hydrogeologists utilize modern geophysical techniques to assess groundwater availability.

Wells are designed to provide maximum production and efficiency for site specific conditions. Reverse circulation, direct rotary and cable tool drilling methods are provided by Peerless-Midwest.

When sufficient quantity of water is not available from a public water supply system, a code conforming source must be developed. Peerless-Midwest has designed and constructed hundreds of systems to meet fire protection requirements at the lowest possible cost, while maintaining the highest of quality standards.