Pumping Equipment Repair & Overhaul

Pump Equipment

The Pumping Equipment Repair & Overhaul division of Peerless Midwest, Inc. is dedicated to providing high quality, cost-effective solutions for the improvement of your pumps and water supply systems.

Most pumps are high speed, close tolerance machines. When erosive or corrosive wear occurs, efficiency is lost and the potential for costly breakdown exists. With a fleet of over 60 modern pump pulling rigs and a 20,000 square foot machine shop/repair facility staffed with experienced machinists, Peerless-Midwest is prepared to quickly manage our client's pump maintenance and repair requirements.

Our professional and experienced staff and field crews have the ability to measure current performance and recommend a plan of action to improve your system, bringing system output back to original specifications.

Our qualified field crews will mobilize to your site with the proper equipment to safely shut down, lift and load your pump. The crew performs visual inspection, site clean up and hazard marking in the work area prior to delivering the pump to your complete overhaul shop. It may be determined that a downhole color video inspection should be scheduled to help in our joint evaluation of the system issues.

Our repair shop will disassemble, inspect, analyze and provide a recommendation for the necessary repair, replacement or overhaul of the pump. As you review our Project Manager's quote, we will be identifying the parts needed. Looking first to our vast supply of on hand inventory, next to our bi-weekly parts delivery from our strategic pump suppliers and their complete inventory and supply base. We will utilize our network of proven supply chain partners to source all needed parts for your pump.

On your approval, we will begin the repair, perform any machining or modifications needed, and complete the overhaul and full rehabilitation of your pump. Our field crews will be scheduled for delivery, installation, start-up and end with measuring system test performance followed by site clean up.

Peerless Midwest, Inc. offers a full line of replacement parts and has the supply systems in place to handle pumps of any age, size or complexity.

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