Wastewater Systems

At Peerless Midwest, we’ve been a trusted vendor to the wastewater industry for decades. Our capabilities extend to the testing, repair, and/or replacement of virtually any wastewater system or component. This one-call accountability has made us a valuable, long-time resource for wastewater facilities throughout the Midwest.

Wastewater System Service

Peerless repair staff and field crews are trained to provide a full complement of diagnostic and repair services for wastewater systems and components. Components include, but are not limited to:

Rail-Mounted Submersible and Solid Handling Pumps
Sewage Lift Stations
Variable Frequency Drives
Valves and Piping
SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) /Controls

When a field crew identifies system components suspected to be in need of repair or replacement, they are brought back to our 20,000 square foot repair facility for evaluation, where they are thoroughly examined and tested by our technicians. The results of that testing, along with our recommendations for repair or replacement are then included in an itemized cost estimate. Once the decision to repair or replace the component has been made and customer approval received, we quickly locate and assemble any needed parts, either from our extensive in-house inventory or from one of our supply chain partners. Then, any necessary machining or other shop repairs are immediately scheduled and quickly completed, the finished components are tested, and the field crew is notified to schedule delivery, installation, start-up and system testing.

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CNWX Wastewater Pump
CNXH Wastewater Pump

Peerless Midwest is an authorized distributor for ShinMaywa Wastewater Pumping Equipment.

PMI and Shinmaywa have partnered to help industry and utilities switch out obsolete, non-standard or proprietary pumps with Shinmaywa product line. Through this partnership, we can offer on-the-shelf parts and new pump availability. Just give us your design conditions and chances are good that we can produce a rail-style pump that is hydraulic equivalent and dimensionally applicable with on the shelf availability. Couple this with Shinmaywa’s 100 year + history in the pumping industry and you have a solid option to most pumping dilemmas.

ShinMaywa link: https://www.shinmaywa.co.jp/america/

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