Water Treatment

When ground or surface water is tapped as the source in a water supply system, it must be treated. The type of system and specific treatments required are dependent upon the intended end use of that water.

At Peerless Midwest, we’ve offered a full complement of commercial, industrial and municipal water treatment solutions since our founding in 1973. From the design and installation of new water treatment systems to the maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of systems installed long ago, our objective is always to meet and exceed customer expectations.

System Design and Installation

Water system design always begins with a clear understanding of your finished water requirements, followed by an analysis of your current water chemistry. Performing a pilot study will provide us with evidence of iron, manganese, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, PFAS and other constituents of concern in the water supply that must be treated. Study results will also provide us with valuable guidance related to system design going forward.

New Water Supply

In the case of a new water supply, the pilot study will:

Confirm that media selection will effectively treat the water chemistry of the new source.
Provide actual field data so that a new treatment plant can be designed on proven, not assumed data.
Test for loading rates above Ten-State Standards and supply documentation to apply for a State regulatory variance.
Evaluate and compare high-loading Rate/Lower surface area for smaller footprint and reduced cost on new construction.
With results of the pilot study in hand, our professional system designers will work to develop the most effective, cost-efficient solution possible to meet or exceed your water quality requirements. This could result in the installation of a new treatment system or the rehabilitation and modification of existing facilities.
Pilot sample: new water supply

Pilot Study- New Water Supply

Existing Water Supply

When evaluating an existing water supply, the pilot study will:

Confirm if the original design is matched to water chemistry.
Evaluate higher loading rates to increase plant rating without adding new equipment.
Confirm with field data that different media designs will work with existing infrastructure.
Pilot Study: existing water supply
Pilot Study- Existing Water Supply

System Inspection/Evaluation

Increasing public attention to water quality has reinforced the need for water treatment systems to continually operate at optimum levels of performance. At Peerless Midwest, we offer complete system inspections/evaluations for treatment system operators in need of help optimizing their treatment technologies.

Diagnostic services may include field and laboratory testing of water, and/or core sampling and analysis of existing filter and softener media.

Core Sampling:

Existing filters or softeners.
Perdictive analysis
Asset management
Visual inspection inside vessel

Core Sample Analysis:

Determine current condition of resin or media.
Sieve analysis to evaluate current effective size.
Observe and determine any problems such as co-mingling, loss or build-up.
Alternative media justification.
Core Sampling
Core Sampling
core sample analysis
Core Sample Analysis

System Repair and Rehabilitation

When the results of a system inspection or evaluation indicate a repair or rehabilitation is needed, we’re there to help. From problems with your water source to maintenance issues or equipment failures, our water treatment experts are trained to implement a complete and long-lasting solution. Call Peerless.

Media Exchange

media exchange tank
Preparing for media removal on a horizontal pressure filter.
Evacuation Complete
Vessel cleaned and ready for inspection.
Loading New Media
Loading new media in a vertical pressure filter.

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