Well Rehabilitation & Pump Repair

At Peerless Midwest, we’ve been providing customers with comprehensive annual performance testing, preventive maintenance, well rehabilitation and pump repair services since our founding in 1973.

Annual Performance Testing

Even the best-designed wells and pumping equipment will eventually require some maintenance to continue performing at peak efficiency. At Peerless Midwest, our Annual Performance Testing program utilizes a full complement of tools to evaluate the condition of your well and equipment, tracking it year to year. When our testing indicates that your well and equipment are no longer performing as designed and maintenance or repair is needed, we act to restore your water supply to its original design capacity.

flow test

Flow Test

Predictive Preventive Maintenance

At Peerless, we’ve offered our Predictive Preventive Maintenance program since 1973. We know that preventive maintenance of wells and pumps will provide significant savings in both cost and downtime for our clients. Coupled with our Annual Performance Testing, our annual service provides the foundation for an effective maintenance plan to ensure system reliability and efficiency.
Typical maintenance tasks would include oil changes in motors and adjusting the packing in pumps

Thermal Imaging of Equipment by trained and certified Thermographers
Vibration Analysis
Laser Shaft Alignment
Field Balancing
With over 2,000 wells and pumps under contract, Peerless-Midwest has the most comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Program in the Midwest.
Peerless Midwest Pump Maintenance
Preventive Pump Maintenance

Well Cleaning and Rehabilitation

At Peerless Midwest, fifty years of experience has taught us that wells should be cleaned when their specific capacity has dropped below 85% of their original design. If delayed, cleaning can become extremely difficult or even impossible.

Because the conditions found in each well are unique, it is important that the correct combination of cleaning methods and chemicals are selected for treatment. Our well rehabilitation specialists analyze pumping data, water quality, well history, and when needed, down-hole camera video surveys to determine the optimum treatment plan. Video surveys are particularly helpful when we suspect that deterioration of well casings or screening might be contributing to the problem.

cleaning tank

Cleaning Tank On-Site

Well Screen Before Cleaning

Well Screen After Cleaning

Pumping Equipment Repair and Overhaul

Pump performance is critical to the overall performance of a water supply system. Today’s high-speed, close tolerance pumps are eventually subject to wear, at which point efficiency declines and the potential for breakdown increases. Knowing a capable water supply contractor staffed to respond quickly when pump problems arise, however, can frequently pre-empt breakdowns and speed needed repairs.

At Peerless Midwest, we’ve been repairing pumps since our founding in 1973. Our professional field crews are experienced at identifying when a pump may be in need of service or repair and are backed by a fleet of 60 pump-pulling rigs and a 20,000 square foot, 24 hour repair facility and machine shop staffed with highly skilled machinists.

When a field crew identifies a pump suspected to be in need of repair or replacement, we will dispatch one of our pump-pulling rigs to your location to safely shut down, lift, and load your pump for transport back to our facility. There it will be thoroughly examined and tested by our technicians. The results of that testing, along with our recommendations for repair or replacement are then included in an itemized cost estimate. Once the decision to repair or replace the component has been made and customer approval received, we quickly locate and assemble any needed parts, either from our extensive in-house inventory or from one of our supply chain partners, and any necessary machining or other shop repairs are immediately scheduled and quickly completed. The finished components are then tested, and the field crew is notified to schedule installation, start-up and system testing, followed by complete site clean up.

bowl assy set on column pipe

Bowl Assembly Being Set on Column Pipe

pump repair facility

Pump Repair Facility

Portable Pressure By Peerless

When you have a storage tank down and are trying to maintain system pressure, we have an emergency solution. The Peerless Temporary Pressure Control Unit is a variable frequency drive-based motor control that incorporates a standby generator and an automatic transfer switch. Upon delivery to your pump station, we simply connect it to line power and motor leads, install a pressure sensor in the piping, and then dial in the system pressure, ensuring worry-free pressure. If a power failure occurs, the standby generator kicks in to ensure uninterrupted service.

The benefits? The variable frequency drive adjusts the motor speed to maintain pressure regardless of flow. This means no more employee overtime to throttle a hydrant, no more pressure surges from sticking relief valves and no more short cycling with hydro-pneumatic tanks. And your operating costs will be significantly lower because the pump moves only as much water as is needed.

If you think a water tower inspection or tower maintenance may be in your utility’s future, contact Peerless Midwest to learn if Portable Pressure by Peerless is the solution for you.

Peerless pressure control unit
Peerless Temporary Pressure Control Unit

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